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For a company to succeed, it must establish a corporate identity that sets itself apart from its competitors. The process could start with market research. Once your corporate identity has been established, you can then create marketing material that reflect this identity. The last thing any business owner wants is to waste money on advertising and other communications that do not accurately portray the company.

Consumers make emotional connections with a brand (good or bad). That emotional connection drives buying decisions, yet few companies consciously take control of their brand. Take control and create your brand! It will immediately become your strongest sales tool.

•Logo Design
•Business Card Design
•Letterhead/Envelope Design
•Presentation Folders
•Direct Mailers
•Package Design

Design Samples

Merck Hispanic Organization
Merck Asia Pacific Organization
Merck League of Employees of African Descent
Merck Rainbow Alliance
EMA BROCHURES - custom graphic design