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out-Of-Home is the most cost effective media: transit ads, billboards, cinema and more!

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Agio Brand Solutions is an Ad Agency that specializes in Out-Of-Home media. We do not own inventory and we are not tied to any particular vendors. This allows us to objectively choose the best media to reach your targeted consumer. We provide you with expert analysis on all outdoor advertising formats. We offer knowledgeable advice on which outdoor advertising formats are best suited for your needs and your market, so you can make an informed decision.

ADVERTISING that performs

Out-Of-Home is the most affordable and cost effective media compared to TV, Print and Radio. That means you can reach more people for less money using OOH. Also, with the advancements in technology such as DVRs, Satellite Radio and Online Publications, most traditional advertising can be avoided. With Out-Of-Home, it can not be turned off, turned over or tuned out.


Billboard Connection provides you with expert analysis on all outdoor advertising formats. We offer knowledgable advice on which outdoor advertising formats are best suited for your needs and your market, so you can make an informed decision.

Why Out-of-Home Advertising?

It is the most affordable and cost effective. Can not be turned off, tuned out or turned over.

low cost per impression

Reach more customers with a CPI under a dime. Outdoor advertising offers lower CPI than television, radio, newspaper and traditional advertising.



Alternative or Non-Traditional Advertising refers to just about anything you can put your name on. Any outdoor media that does not fall into the categories of Billboards, Transit or Street Furniture can be considered Alternative. New types of Alternative Media are developed daily. Media Options Examples of this include: Dry Cleaner Bags, Ad Balloons, Golf Course Advertising, Coffee Cups/Sleeves, Door Hangers, Wild Postings, Pizza Box Ads, Bar/Restaurant Advertising, Vehicle Wraps, Backpack Billboards, Sampling, Street Teams, Segways, Sidewalk Chalk, Street Decals, Projection Media, Promo Cart/Umbrella, Beach Advertising, Guerilla Marketing, etc.


Experiential Marketing refers to creating an experience for consumers to engage and interact with a brands, products and services. This interaction gives the consumer a chance to sample a product or service and have a personal experience which they can relate to. An Experiential Marketing campaign can include the Street Teams, Event Marketing, Inflatable Ads, Projection Advertising, Ad Trucks, etc. Experiential allows for fully customized campaigns tailored to your exact needs.

Place Based Displays

Place based displays consist of a wide variety of formats that are specially located at destinations. These are most commonly Posters, but can vary based on location. Some of the most common places where these displays are found include the restrooms of restaurants and nightclubs, at the gym/health club, on college and high school campuses, military bases, in doctors’ waiting rooms, pharmacies, ski resorts, hair salons and at rest areas. Digital screens and video networks are also available at many of these places.


Cinema Advertising targets and engaged audience that tends to be young and affluent. Theaters are able to be purchased individually, which allows for great targetability. The most common form of Cinema Advertising is on-screen. These are the ads that run prior to the start of each movie. There are also other types of advertising available in the lobby of a theater. These options vary based on theater. These could be Dioramas, Posters, Sampling Tables, Standees, Wall Banners/Wraps, Floor Graphics, Window Clings, etc.

Grocery Store Advertising

Advertising at a Grocery Store/Supermarket is a great way for advertisers to reach a specific demographic or neighborhood. There are many different media offered depending on the store. These can include ads on Grocery Carts, Receipt Advertising, Conveyor Belt Ads, Grocery Divider Sticks, Digital Checkout Screens, Shelf Advertising or Floor Graphics.

Sport Stadium Advertising

Advertising at a Grocery Store/Supermarket is a great way for advertisers to reach a specific demographic or neighborhood. There are many different media offered depending on the store. These can include ads on Grocery Carts, Receipt Advertising, Conveyor Belt Ads, Grocery Divider Sticks, Digital Checkout Screens, Shelf Advertising or Floor Graphics.


Bus Benches

Bus bench ads provide broad coverage along busy main streets and high-traffic intersections of major metropolitan areas as well as smaller, hyper-targeted markets. Positioned throughout high-density and heavily traveled areas, bus bench advertising puts your brand and message at eye-level for both pedestrians and drivers alike.

Bus Shelters

Bus Shelters are street level advertising displays at bus stops throughout a city. They are an eye-level media that in high-traffic, usually metropolitan areas. They are also viewed by pedestrians as well as vehicular traffic.

Gas Station/Pumps

There are many options that fall into the category of Gas Station Advertising. These include any advertising at the pump or inside the station. The most common form is Gas Pump toppers, these are 2-sided signs that are placed above the pumps. Gas Station advertising is popular because of the 5 minute dwell time while a driver is refueling. Other Options Nozzle Ads and Digital Screens are available at the pump in many markets as well. Other options at gas stations include posters, floor graphics, ice cooler wraps and door clings.


Shopping mall advertising provides access to a captive and desirable audience of consumers already primed to spend money. Capitalize on slow-moving foot traffic and get your message noticed with mall ads. Kiosks are traditionally among the most popular format of mall advertising for their ability to turn heads and engage shoppers.

Street Kiosks

Street Kiosks are usually located in the densely populated center city: downtown, retail, financial, and entertainment districts.. These kiosks usually have multiple sides to allow for various advertisers. They provide eye-level views for pedestrians, but are also highly visible by vehicles passing by.


Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards deliver your advertising message where billboards are not available or are cost prohibitive. Because mobile billboards offer a large movable landscape, viewers remember your message because of the quality and size of the graphic image and the motion of the multiple image displays. Most Mobile Billboard trucks have two 10’ x 20’ vinyl banners offering a dramatic advertising canvas. The Mobile Billboard Trucks can cover community events, grand openings or any large gathering of existing and new potential customers. Clients will determine the weekly driver routes and preferred communities to target.

GPS tracking reports will be provided weekly and Mobile Billboard Trucks are fully illuminated for nighttime viewing.


Mobile Billboards

Mobile Billboards are trucks that are specially designed to hold a billboard. The routes traveled by these can be set by the advertiser. These are typically used to reach motorists and pedestrians. Mobile Billboards are often used to target events(conventions, concerts, sports, special sales/introductions), and as vehicles for sample distribution at stores or other locales. There are several variations on the Mobile Billboard. A Traditional Mobile Billboard refers to a standard 2-sided display that measures 10′ x 22′. Variations include: Tri-vision Mobile Billboards, Digital Mobile Billboards, Mobile Trailers, Glass Box Trucks, etc. Many trucks are available with speakers and GPS tracking.

Bus Advertising

Truckside advertising consists of advertising on the sides and back of delivery trucks. These could be used on the smaller box trucks in a local area, or on the large semi-trucks that crisscross the entire country. Some trucks are equipped with GPS tracking, allowing you to pinpoint your messages at any moment. Truckside broadens the reach of a national, regional, or local campaign; add variety, frequency, and value to a broadcast campaign, or as a stand-alone campaign. Advertisers also turn to truckside advertising to penetrate markets with restricted or limited outdoor advertising, as well as in saturated markets.


Bus Advertising includes advertising on the exterior as well as the interior of buses. Exterior bus ads afford mass audience exposure as buses travel set routes through markets. Frequency develops from repeated exposures due to buses following the same routes. The placement of the ad determines who exactly they are looking to target.


Aerial Ads are banners towed by a plane over a predetermined area. These are popular for targeting groups of people in a certain location such as sports, concerts, festivals, beaches, etc. Sizes and designs vary based on the advertisers needs. A simple letter banner can be used, or a custom banner similar to a billboard can be created. Variations of Aerial can include Blimp Advertising & Skywriting.


Rail Advertising refers to Subways and rapid transit systems. These offer a variety of advertising opportunities, offerings vary by station and city. These include posters, dioramas, kiosks, urban panels, floor graphics, wall wraps, car cards, car wraps, window decals, station dominations, etc. These are mainly used to target commuters, but in many markets the trains are visible above ground and can be seen by more than commuters. Rail provides a high frequency due to daily passenger use. Advertising inside the Rail Station provides targetability and is often used in conjunction with other out of home formats.


Airports are fertile ground for high-visibility and high-reach out-of-home advertising that turns the heads of a very desirable audience: business and leisure travelers who tend to have a higher disposable income and, often, time to spend. Make flight delays work in your favor with airport ads strategically placed by Billboard Connection in airports across the country. Attract attention and enhance your company’s brand and image with creative airport ads designed to elicit a direct response.



Large, eye-catching and difficult to ignore, billboards and bulletin board advertising have been a mainstay of high-impact out-of-home advertising campaigns for decades, and for good reason. Permanent bulletins provide long-term, dominant coverage in fixed, high-traffic areas. Strategically placed permanent bulletins can be used to direct consumers to your location.

Digital Billboards

Typically set in high-profile, high-visibility locations along major highways and in densely populated areas, digital billboards offer colorful, eye-catching images that can be quickly updated and uploaded. And with flexible daypart messaging available, IZON Global Media can customize the timing strategy of your campaign to target specific audiences at different times of day and days of the week. A digital billboard (also called an electronic billboard) is among the most flexible of all outdoor advertising formats. Programmed to change displays several times per minute, digital billboards rotate static or animated messages from several different advertisers, keeping consumers curious about what they might see next.


Spectaculars are the most traffic-stopping, eye-popping and jaw-dropping of all creative outdoor advertising. Large, complex, and engaging, spectaculars are non-standard three-dimensional messaging displays custom-designed to surprise viewers and command attention, whether alone or in venues cluttered with other types of advertising. Visually intriguing, spectaculars are typically positioned to capture exceptionally high consumer expo- sure in downtown areas and in the vicinity of key highways and commuter routes.


The billboards that you see on major & secondary roadways that are around 10 feet high by 20 feet wide are known as posters. These are smaller than the typical bulletin. Posters are closer to street and traffic speed usually doesn’t exceed 50 mph. Poster advertising campaigns are much more locally focused and can target demographic or geographic areas. This format is often used as a full market coverage medium for reach and frequency. Pack- aged buys can be tailored for specific marketing goals: full market coverage, ethnic targeting, focus on certain geographic areas, etc.


The largest of all outdoor advertising formats, wallscape advertising is dramatic and visually arresting, and often cover entire building sides. Painted directly on surfaces or printed on special vinyl and attached to exterior facades, wall advertising can span hundreds of square feet and provides long-term, high-visibility and high-impact exposure of your message. One of the most creative outdoor advertising formats, wallscape ads can become landmarks in and of themselves when done well. Visible across a long distance, they dominate the landscape and draw the viewer.


Digital Media

Digital Media is a diverse and ever-changing array of out-of-home advertising media located in high-profile venues on city streets and highways. Digital Billboards are computer-controlled electronic displays with technological capabilities that are taking out-of-home advertising to a new level.

From digital billboards to touch-screen window displays to dramatic projection media, new digital media options are emerging daily. Digital Out-of-Home Advertising (DOOH) benefits location owners and advertisers alike by engaging consumers and extending the reach and effectiveness of marketing messages. Digital is perfect for the advertiser who wants to change their message multiple times during a campaign. Cutting-edge dynamic content makes digital advertising even more effective.



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